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Buying an NFL Jersey

The first thing to know when buying a NFL Jersey is, unlike the replica Association Football jerseys which we can buy on any High Street here in the UK, that there are three different types of NFL jerseys available and each is designed with various fans in mind.

If you're just looking for a recreational jersey to wear, out and about, to show your team pride, then the Replica version is the obvious choice.

A slightly heavier and more durable version, with sewn-on numbers and names, is one from the Premier range.

Whereas, if you really want the look and feel of the real thing that the NFL pros wear on game day then, the Authentic jersey is for you!

The basic features of each are as follows:


Replica jerseys feature the same patterns as the Authentic jerseys but are made of thinner fabric and screen-printed graphics, logos, numerals and players names. These jerseys are the least expensive option for fans that want the look of a real player's jersey.

In the US these are usually available in both the regular and female cut styles.

Technical stuff: shirts are made of thin, lightweight fabric with diamondback mesh body which is nylon for the coloured versions (mostly team home jerseys) and polyester for white jerseys, which are mostly the away versions. All decoration is screen-printed included manufacturers logos but genuine garments come with added jock-tag label added to the bottom left front of the jersey.


Premier jerseys are made with slightly heavier fabric than Replica jerseys and have sewn-on numbers and names. These jerseys fall in-between the on-field Authentic jerseys and the Replica jerseys.

Technical stuff: Constructed of slightly thicker fabric than the Replica jerseys and is a polyester 2-tone flat tricot pattern mesh body. Players name and numbers are sewn-on screen-printed tackle twill patches. Again, all genuine versions come with and added jock-tag label added to the bottom left front of the jersey.


Authentic jerseys are just like the real thing - crafted like the ones on the field. They feature heavier fabric with all sewn-on graphics matching exactly the garments worn by the actual players.

Note: Authentic jerseys are NOT designed to be worn over a set of shoulder pads or to be used during actual game play – they are recreational garments.

Technical stuff: Made of a thick, durable and comfortable fabric again of a nylon or polyester mesh. Players name and numbers are sewn-on screen-printed tackle twill patches. As before, all genuine jerseys come with and added jock-tag label added to the bottom left front of the jersey.

Availability in the UK

This is an important element to understand. As many will know all NFL jerseys are currently manufactured by Reebok and each year Reebok in the UK will import a range of Jerseys for general sale in this country, usually, covering the entire range of all 32 teams.

There will typically be one replica style jersey available for each team and that will be in only one of the three colours (home, away and alternate). There are some teams which will have more than one player or more than one colour available but these teams are in the minority.

Those teams with a wider available range will usually be the two teams playing in the, now, annual London game.

Availability of Premier and Authentic jerseys in the UK is even more difficult. Currently Reebok in the UK are offering a modest range of four Premier jerseys and three Authentic versions for players of the NFL. It follows, that many American Football fans may be disappointed as their particular favourite player’s jersey may not be generally available, or not in the colour that they want. In which case, you may like to check out the Great American Sports bespoke jersey service, mentioned elsewhere on this website, where we attempt to get the very jersey that you, the fans, want.

We can’t always do this every time, but we succeed much more often, even if we can’t get you exactly what you originally wanted, we are usually able to offer an alternative so you end up with a jersey that very few possess here in the UK.

Here at Great American Sports we stock a full range of all available Replica jerseys and the visitor will see as they navigate around the website.

We are also able to quote on the UK availability of Premier and Authentic jerseys and the typical costs associated with these are: £54.99 for Premier jerseys and £119.99 for Authentic jerseys before postage and packing.


This is a very important issue as the US sizes do tend to be larger than the standard UK clothing sizes, so here at Great American Sports we actually adopt a slightly different sizing model to some others, but which has proven itself over the years to avoid disappointment when ordering these very popular items.

Please note the following sizing chart is specific to NFL Jerseys, it does not relate to general NFL apparel (T-Shirts, Jackets etc.)

Men’s Sizes

Replica Jersey Size (Chest Size) - Inches3842485256

Women's Sizes

Bust (in)33-34 1/235-36 1/237-3940-4343 1/2-47

Any Questions?

If you have any questions at all on any of these matters, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will pleased to deal with your inquiry.

Buying an NFL Jersey image

Buying an NFL Jersey image